Sunday, June 3, 2007

LA trip

Still getting caught up.

My gallery building is almost under contract, some serious bids hit the table today.

I went to LA last week...

with my long time friend.. ex-girlfriend..Lynne Ida to visit our pal Robert Hawkins who was showing in Culver City. Lynne and I lived together for four years in the late 70s and early 80s. Off to LA, we had a great time. Laughed and laughed. I booked a ticket with just a few days to go on Orbitz for under 500 dollars hotel and flight.. the room was fine and it was above one of the cutiest and best resturants in Culver City the Metro Cafe .. and across the street was the famous Titos Tacos .. an LA landmark... a crowd lined up there day and night.

Culver City was amazing , great young art sceene, the Denny's aires Kim Light ( Light box gallery), an old pal, is where Robert Hawkins showed .. giant beautiful 40k sq ft space ..purist modernist. Lots of NY stars were there like Kenny Sharf and Roberta Flack.. The after dinner was at her old pal Bradford's... by the way she is really beautiful hottie .. ( she reminded me we were friends in NY in 84 or so ...god .. she's doing a lot better then me ..haha)

So the after dinner at Bradford Schlie's .. a classic Hollywood producer and lifestyle. Collects modern and contemporary. Lots of old stuff like Gotlieb and Dadaists ..has a giant silver double Elvis in the play room. A wall of Jean Michel drawings along up the steps. His four story house is on the Venice ocean walk along the modernist row next to Micheal Graves's famous early home. His dad was Robert Kennedy's lawyer and was going to be the secretary of state till the murder which Robert died bleeding in his arms.

I got in tight when i mentioned i was good pals with an old friend Chris Hanley it turns out Chris is his partner with "Muse" in producing ..movies like Buffalo 66 and Swingers ..on and on .. they are wealthly. I knew Chris in Jean Michel days in the 80s .. Badford liked me we hung together that night and briefly the next day. He checked out my site and things on MCA that i told him to the night before.
He then out of the blue told me he was really interested in helping someway with MCA .. he pulled back a little and corrected and said I could help you find someone that could really help MCA. know i believe him because we have the extra in and extra foot up ... his brother is having David Adjaye design his home.

I told him we could send a jet for him and his " friends" for a tour... his eyes lit up.

We also visited the beautiful sky lit home of my old friend Maynard Monroe. Maynard is Bradoford caretaker .. he does everything for him. I need one of those. And we hung out with Scotty Covert who drove from LA .. and i saw my other old girl friend Lee Arthur (Leplant) she is married and has kids and lives in Malabu selling property. So at the opening was two ex-girl friends that are still best friends.

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