Saturday, June 2, 2007

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

The spanking new MCA /Denver, is being built as we speak..super exciting for me.. us .. Denver .. October we open its new doors. .. few weeks ago we had a wonderful peace earth day jam.. .my head hurts today it was martini's galore. My best friend Todd spun records in his home he brought over..literaly drove it over. ( a 2007 silver stream he lives in) The London architect is David Adjaye was there he just got back from an opening at the Harvard design center of his landscape images taken around Africa. " he said it was to show the world all the nations, states and towns of Africa no one has ever heard of" ( he is the hansom black guy in the pictures) . He is a beautiful amazing man. Denver is ever so lucky.

Our Denver art museum ... umm the new wing ..umm amm i don't like it ..its all architect ego and no form follow function. It leaks, it doesn't work. But it looks dramatic. Its good for the general public amusement ride mentality. I shouldn't be posting this ..haha .. its the king without clothes.


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