Friday, June 1, 2007

Girls Rule

Rachel Hawthorn

We showed together at an interesting new gallery called Vertigo on Santa Fe.
Smart Bard gal.

That led to the work and meeting of Patti Hallock that is here in Denver and photographed my basement.

Patti led me to Alec Soths Blog i love

Alec Soth .
i am in a mid- life career crisis ..i am reviewing everyones careers and mine.

I so needed to get up to speed and shape up somewhat... i am years behind... kinda was in idle the for a few years.
Amy Stein led me to Zoe Strauss getting into the Whittney ..i love her... and a zillion others on the rise.. Amy Stein i gave top grade at critical mass .. she is so hot now wow.. i spent all night looking at her favorite photog influnce list...great list. I saw her work right when she started. The power girls are ruling..girls on the rise..the list is so long.

of course dear Lori Nix is climbing ... and darling Arlene Gottfried and her new Power House books and Susan Lipper.

then i saw my old pal Todd Eberle just had a show at Gagosian .. that makes me jealous. Anytime a friend makes it to that world of the gods i am in great painful envy.

my building sold i think ..happy sad happy sad happysad

change is good
i hope to help curate something soon at MCA/d ..what a concept ..get paid to curate wow.

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