Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Want to go to China ?

From my great artist friend Susanne Junker:

Dear friends,

I proudly announce the opening of stageBACK gallery, a space from an artist for artists in Shanghai, China.
We had our # 0 opening last saturday and it was a big success, thanks to all of you who came by.

The idea to open an art space blossomed in the fall of 2007 with the wish to be a part of Shanghais fast growing urban culture.
Especially in our days, cultural and intellectual exchange between the West and the East are of great importance.
This is what this space stands for: FREEDOM - ART - PARTY.

stageBACK is now located on 696 Weihai Lu, a already "famous" old opium den and artist occupied warehouse in the center of Shanghai.
A few years ago, artist moved into this building and it reached it's first "fame" with the premier open artist workshop event in 2007. It also resisted
the demolition last summer and all tenants signed a new lease for the next two years. Since then, individual spaces are getting fixed up,
little galleries pop up here and there, people invest in the space to improve for themselves and visitors.
About 40 artist studios and galleries are now located on 696.

Special thanks to:

Susan Shen for her help and patience. She helped me to discover most abandoned spaces in downtown Shanghai - what an experience!
Silvia Xu, who showed me 696 Weihai Lu, and made me be at the right place at the right time.
Chris Gill, who was so cool to translate all my extra renovation wishes to the constructer, Mr Jin, who thinks I am crazy.

Our # 0 show will be still up this weekend, thursday to sunday april 24 - april 27, 14h - 18h or by appointment. Please drop by.
I am curious about your responds and open to all ideas and art works and projects that will improve stageBACK now and in the future.

For more info and photos please check:

best wishes to all of you


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