WWA Fashion Workshop notes

Mark’s Notes for WWA Fashion Workshop Talk.

Gotta do it for the love of art and not revenue.
The reality of the fashion industry is not that glamorous.

Best to stay Boutique .. find locale designers .. there are tons of local fashion show and designer shows where they gather. http://fashiondenver.com

Flossy Mcgrews costumes on Broadway.
1824 South Broadway  Denver, CO 80210 (303) 778-0853
Studio Lights drag queen boutique.. great for eyelashes and skin paint , ball gowns.
333 Broadway Denver, CO 80203 (303) 733-779751
Buffalo Exchange 51 Broadway Denver, CO 80203 (303) 866-0165

Creative meeting

Be specific about your vision and concept with the model and support staff before hand and they will often have great ideas and accessories.

Models agency verses MM or unsigned talent.
Always be a talent scout.
Finding Nicole Fox and her run to winning Americas Next ToP Model.

I generally stay away from working with Modeling Agencies when doing artistic experimental or figure work. There is plenty of talent available online. Such as Model Mayhem, One Model  or Craigslist.

But I do use agencies almost exclusively when shooting commercial for a client.

Try doing a face and hair.
A good make up manuel "Makeup up book"
Less Less  … the no makeup makeup  ( just base)

Source Material and idea and poses. Story board your ideas.
Books of drawing and paintings.
Classical poses.. pick a few like contrapposto is a basic great one i constantly use.

Contrapposto is an Italian term that means counterpose. It is used in the visual arts to describe a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs. This gives the figure a more dynamic, or alternatively relaxed appearance. It can also be used to refer to multiple figures which are in counter-pose (or opposite pose) to one another. It can further encompass the tension as a figure changes from resting on a given leg to walking or running upon it (so-called ponderation). Contrapposto is less emphasized than the more sinuous S Curve.

Posing the model .. i like to become the model and sit in the pose demonstrating.
letting the model find her own pose should be let in…

I love it when the model collaborates with adding to your ideas.

If its a inexperienced model they will find a great pose when sitting waiting ..bored

With an experienced model its good also to see how falls into her favorite poses.
They are joy to work with also taking instruction well. Showing them a simple gesture
or how they easily fall into your emotion and form when you demonstrate something you want.

Rhythm is fun. But with finding wet plate and slow processes it slows you down to look carefully.. I struggle at time with getting great capture with digital because its so easy to push the button without carefully looking.

Fussli book and Bathus are current source material i use often.

Types of fashion shoots and ..Pricing briefly

Trades (TFP) Trade for Pictures or paid for personal use  .. and or commercial. If commercial is a direction its good to join ASMP or APA they are good sources for feeling where the market and pricing. Budget/price samples are in resource materials from ASMP and zillions other books. I don't follows those groups close because it makes worry about the competition rather then my work.

Mary Virgina Swansons Marketing book is one of he best going for artistic fashion advise.

Assistants stylists makeup team .. pros and cons discussion.
Iron Clad Model Release
Stock Talk
Location, location, location!
Busy environmental vs empty and simple shapes.

Steamer ! Wrinkled clothes…. or worse the old wrinkled sheet backdrop look is bad.

Tethered or not to be tethered.
Lots of reflector boards stands and clamps.
Bag of small and large hair clamps pins clips to hold flowers or tighten dresses to the body.

One time use camera makes a 40 megapixel image.

A great eye and concept and well staged and top modeling talent the camera used to capture it doesn't matter.

My list of current favorite cameras i use is with from various view cameras 8x10 to speed graphics. ..maybe lens baby .. pinhole. My Hasselblad I've used since the early 80s is back out more and Mamiya Flex Pro .. My old 1980s NikonF3 and lenses are being pulled back out also.
( We have been experimenting with using them on the D800 and D3 also.)
polaroid/fugi 600 or peal films with old bellowed cameras.
Out date NikonD3  Cannon snap shot makes amazing work .. iPhone too. iPhone and instagram is a whole bother conversation… i am not a fan of instagram … and i have fallen out of grace with Diana and LOMO.Its hard to find something interesting on there website of millions.. is a fashion exsesory.

Defusion filter of choice not is a hand held flower put next to the lens when making an image. Or a  big three foot wide heavy screeched lens we have in the studio.

I collect Nikon SB Strobes for light weight kits. See The Strobists  http://strobist.blogspot.com and the flicker community http://www.flickr.com/groups/strobist/

A popular and easy lighting to deal with Colorados harsh midday light is strongly flash fill over taking the sunlight.. where the sky turns a rich blue.

On location i find the most flat shadow light possible and pop it a little with a reflector board.

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