Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rebecca DiDomenico on pure pleasure

The Pleasure of….
The pleasure of just right words,
the pleasure of a face lit up from within,
the pleasure of green, green moss as far as the eye can see,
the pleasure in the fragrance of a blooming rose,
the sensual pleasure in the mystery of the human body,
the mystical pleasure of intimacy, of baring one’s soul to another,
the simple pleasure of a bird song,
the pleasure of discovery, of travel to diverse, cultural destinations,
the pleasure of living with concern for the earth,
the pleasure of suspense, of anticipation,
the pleasure of hearing a story, of reading a story,
the pleasure of resonating sounds, of mind expanding music.
The pleasure of children’s pure beings, unabashed and unselfconscious,
The all too important pleasure of water, and the decadence of hot water,
the pleasure of stars sparkling in the dark blue, night sky,
the pleasure of touching an animal,
the pleasure of inventing a searchlight that moves from wonder to wonder, basking everything in it’s light,
The pleasure of work, of finding an impossible task and trying to tackle it.
the pleasure of unpretentious, unsensored creations.
The random pleasure of discovery, of research and information,
the pleasures of creating something out of nothing ,
the pleasure of creating similarities between seemingly disparate concepts,
the pleasure in experiencing seamless connection,
the pleasure of harmonies that make no sense, but are perfect anyway,
the pleasure of no time, just pure space,
the pure pleasure of enjoyment without too many preconceived notions.
The pleasure of deep, internal satisfaction from real accomplishments,
the pleasure of addictions, of going further than you know you should, or are supposed to go,
the pleasure of obsessive conviction,
the pleasure of breakthroughs,
the pleasure of no interruptions,
the pleasure in the freedom to run wild, to make up your own definitions,
the pleasure to express all emotion, good or bad, with no judgment,
The pleasures of shiny, glimmering situations, illuminating events like stars that connect in the heavens.
the pleasure to be under a spell , happy to be strangely affected,
the pleasure to be a genuine soul learning as you go,
the pleasure of a soul, who takes her shadow for a walk, her libido for a romp, her umbrellas for a procession ,
The pleasure of taste buds in contact with a bursting blueberry,
The pleasure of a dog leaping, ears caught in mid air.
The pleasure of snuggling, of warm, fluffy blankets,
the pleasure of making a secret fort,
The pleasure of a having a shelter at all,
The pleasure of ridiculous jokes and off color thoughts,
the pleasure of things that don’t quite fit, things that work even though they don’t make sense.
The pleasure of seeing and being seen,
the pleasure of complete relaxation,
the pleasure of solutions that rise up like miracles when you least expect them.
The pleasure of exploding color, the pleasure of texture, the pleasure of a new taste, the pleasure of a smell that sets off a memory, the pleasure of a familiar sound, the pleasure center of the heart where the senses are mixed together like a massive interconnected communication center, lines all touching with a universal language,
the pleasure in a child’s beautiful mistakes.
the pleasure of pure unadulterated joy,
The pleasure of risky business, of not knowing but jumping into the fire anyway,
The pleasure of aching desire, of unrequited love,
The pleasure of multiples, and the pleasure of one of a kinds.
The pleasure of continual striving,
the pleasure of evolution, of movement towards something.
The pleasure of waves, lulling sounds repeating over and over,
the pleasure of a million little strings attached to all sources at the same time.
The pleasure of following your fate,
the pleasure of being real,
the altruistic pleasure of understanding and compassion for all.
The pleasure of not pretending, of not holding stuff inside,
the pleasure in creative work , of never ending ideas,
The pleasure of true recognition,
the pleasure of familiar comfort,
the pleasure of listening deeply,
the pleasure of out of control, hysterical laughter,
the pleasure of being overcome by instinct ,
The pleasure of acute awareness,
the pleasure of acceptance,
the spontaneous pleasures of play,
the pleasure of loving and being loved, with your whole self.
and finally, the complete pleasure of being enveloped in a joyous exuberance for life!
Rebecca DiDomenico