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Dan Asher book talk at The Dikeou Collection


Thursday, June 25th6-9pm
Talk begins 6:30pm

The Dikeou Collection
1615 California St, Ste 515
Denver, CO 80202

zingmagazine presents an event to celebrate the release of issue #24, hosted by the Dikeou Collection. The evening will include a discussion about Dikeou Collection artist Dan Asher, subject of new zingmagazine book Far From the Madding Crowd: Perspectives on the Life and Work of Dan Asher. The discussion will feature author Brandon Johnson, Dikeou Collection founder Devon Dikeou, artist Mark Sink, and art dealer Adam Gildar, moderated by Dikeou Collection Director Saniego Sanchez. A party will follow, with music by Justin Couch of Hot Congress Record Geeks and drinks courtesy of Cat Tequila.

Dan Asher was born in Cleveland, OH in 1947. He was an exceptional artist, incorrigible bohemian, and relentless provocateur who made himself an integral character of New York's East Village cultural scene until his death in 2010. Asher photographed punk musicians at CBGBs in the '70s, ran in circles with Jean-Michel Basquiat making neo-expressionist paintings during the '80s, shared a studio with Yoshitomo Nara in early '90s Cologne, exhibited at top tier galleries in New York, LA, Europe, & Japan, and traveled to remote locales including Mongolia, India, Greenland, Antarctica, and the Amazon. Asher worked in a variety of mediums, read voraciously, and had the hopelessly romantic spirit of a poet with the antagonistic edge of a hardened protestor. Far From the Madding Crowd: Perspectives on the Life and Work of Dan Asher is comprised of interviews with various figures from Dan Asher's life, including artists, dealers, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and friends, and includes full color archival photos of his artwork, writing, and photography.

Brandon Johnson is Managing Editor of New York-based zingmagazine. Curatorial projects include Inside/Out: Dan Asher, William Stockman, and Margaret Neumann at Gildar Gallery, Denver and Down the Rabbit Hole at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. His work has been published in LITA Similar But Different QualityHTML GiantBest American Poetry Blog, and exhibited at James Fuentes, Gallery Tayuta, and Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop. Johnson is author of Far From the Madding Crowd: Perspectives on the Life and Work of Dan Asher and is currently at work on a forthcoming title Thee Almighty And Insane: Chicago Gang Business Cards from the 1970s & 1980s.

Devon Dikeou is an artist, editor/publisher, and collector. She has exhibited her work at The New Museum, The Contemporary Austin, Artpace San Antonio, FLAG Art Foundation, NADA, The Armory Show, Independent, James Fuentes, 179 Canal, Moore College of Art, MAMCO, and The Bronx Museum, and many other venues. Dikeou is a longtime friend and supporter of Dan Asher - first publishing Asher's work in issue #7 of zingmagazine - and has included his photographs and videos as part of the Dikeou Collection since 1999.

Mark Sink is a private art consultant and photographer. He represents and curates local and international cutting-edge fine art photography. His personal work is in numerous museum collections as well as gallery shows in the US, South America and Europe. Sink lived in NYC through the 1980s and worked with and documented the lives and works of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rene Ricard and other art luminaries. Sink exhibited Dan Asher's work at Gallery Sink in 2002.

Adam Gildar is the owner and director of Gildar Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Opened in 2012, the gallery cultivates the careers of emerging contemporary artists and works to expand the legacies of important historical figures. Previously he served as the editor and publisher of Illiterate, an arts and literary publication, online community and gallery space. Gildar is also currently the director of ArtPlant, a not for profit arts organization dedicated to cultural exchange. Through ArtPlant he is serving as co-curator of the 2015 Biennial Ambassadors program for the Biennial of the Americas, an artist exchange and exhibition between Denver and Mexico City. Gildar included Dan Asher in a three-person show Inside/Out: Dan Asher, William Stockman, and Margaret Neumann at Gildar Gallery in 2014.

Saniego Sanchez is Director of Dikeou Collection, a board member for the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology, and was recognized as an emerging leader of color in the arts by WESTAF in 2014.

zingmagazine is a New York-based contemporary art publication Edited/Published by artist Devon Dikeou since 1995. Issue #24 includes projects by Alexis Rockman, Geraldine Postel, David Altmejd, Francis Cape, Lisa Kereszi, Damien Hirst/Mary Barone, Joshua Abelow, Simon Bill, Harry Smith/Hayley Richardson, Olav Westphalen, Dike Blair, Brian Belott, Connie Walsh, Michelle Andrade, Lucie Fontaine, Lizzi Bougatsos, Billy Jacobs/Alex Wolf, Rainer Ganahl, Alix Lambert, a CD by Jeff Rian, The Almighty Playboys poster, and the books Far From the Madding Crowd: Perspectives on the Life and Work of Dan Asher by Brandon Johnson, andSchachter Family Album by Kenny Schachter. 

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Taylor Mead

Rest in peace Taylor .. great memories


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Warhol Memories - Essay from 2001



We met met on a crisp warm day September 1981 in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was an art student and bicycle racer. Andy was my hero. I found him almost by himself signing Komiko Powers posters in a CSU campus schoolroom. I plopped down right next to him and asked if I could help. I told him Craig Scott set me. It was a lucky moment, Bob and Chris were running around the school hunting for babe sightings. He touched my hand and told me to stay with him to and "we’ll find Chris". I shot many rolls of film in the first hour. Finishing the signage stack we went looking Chris. Found everyone. Bob and….and Fred.. Fred, Bob and I sat out in front of the art building and smoked a joint. Bob was cruising me. Andy toured his show with some well dressed people, we smoked pot . They told me to come back to the "Inn". Racing over there I was pulled over by the police …I told him in panic …I’ve been summonds to Andy Warhol! he let me go without a ticket. I screeched into there stay. Almost like a hello he was probing further now. Andy asked me for ideas for photos for his book America. I showed my recent bloody scrapes on my legs from a crash bicycle racing. I had to pull my shorts up to show him the injuries all the way up to my hip; He shot a whole roll in the parking lot of the motel. He liked other ideas too. We were standing there e shooting and several important people drove in …I think John Powers and the head of the school. He ran from them, We ran like children and hid in the motel room…now there…I was a slut..sort of. Bob told me Andy needed to take a nap… Andy then had the opening and the book signing. I stood in line for him to sign. I was a wonderful moment when it was my turn for the signature he signed dozens of pages choosing his favorite portraits. Then drew a money symbol with a penis in the blank inside cover. I then handed him my issue of the Kimiko Poster and he signed it to Craig Scott and me.…Craig the person that told me to go early and find Andy. Craig was to closeted to visit. Craig who Chris Makos found at Uncle Charlie’s in the village. Craig was cruising during time off while at the National Championships bicycle races in NY State. Craig who is now dead from aids is how I met Andy. i will alsways be thankful for that The next month I was on the masthead and payroll of Interview while crash learning the hierarchy and cast of his universe. Fred, Bob, Chris, Rupert, Bidgid, Pat, Edmond, Lucy all came into my life. It was a most exciting time.

The other day I found the recordings of many of our phone conversations. They are sort of meaning less because Andy taped everything with his mother ..but they are mine ..the phone ringing at the the factory Briid answering. And Andy taking the call…long talks of our projects ..he was always very very excited with lines like "oh that is sooo greeeat" Once he was painting with Jean Michel I interviewed him ..Dumb questions like what was Eddie really like; He changed the subject and in jested at telling a wild tale of our relationship. We were flirting. He said to tell the story of dinner with Mick Jagger and how we crossed swords in the urinal at the Odeon. How how Mic gave me his number to go bicycle riding. he reminded me of the party the host could careless Warhol and Mic were there. and how Mic gave me a big piece of hash in exchange for a joint Peter and Chris had given me earlier.Someday i will print the pictures of that evening.

When first visiting the Factory in the early 1980s and seeing Andy's dizzy celebrity life style I was appalled and my romantic bubble burst. Everyone was uptight. It seemed to my young eyes Andy was not an artist any more because others made the mechanical art for him, a seemingly endless conveyer belt of work was being manufactured flooding the market. Effortless portraits were 25k and up, and he seemed tired of it all. Brigid and Pat were inventive scribes for his books. One time when leaving to lunch Fred Hughes begged Andy to discuss colors for an important portrait ready to be screened, "just make it arty" he whined and left. That was my first year in NYC. Upon spending more time in Andy world my respect soon reversed back to him being a super hero again. The genius and the title Factory became clear. His many explorations such as modeling, Andy Warhol TV, computers, the paintings for DIA and working with Jean Michel, Clemente all masterful. His sense of humor dark but true.

I made a lot of photographs of Andy really laughing and smiling, not cloaked. These I consider rare. A few others are in the Warhol Diaries. The Diaries, my account of a snowmobile accident below the Maroon Bells in Aspen is much different than his description of Jon Gould trying to kill him. I had zoomed past Andy and Jon dragging my hand in the snow. This caused snow to cover Jon’s goggles; he lost control crashing off a cliff with Andy falling off the back. Stunned thinking I had just killed the "Prince of Pop Art" I ran to the edge and down to help ending up instead taking pictures of Andy laughing in glee. We all went back to Jane Holtzers pad for a meal of Mexican TV dinners and ice cream on heated glazed donuts.

We took Andy to the over crowded Aspen Airport early. a lear jet several yards away fired its engines sending a aluminum latter flying like a leaf nearly taking us out. I then went back to Janes pad and had it all to my self for three days..I filled my car with hundreds of pounds of food they ahd left and lived off if it for months back at my studio in Denver.

Often I photographed Andy’s hands. Andy loved to hold hands. Holding his hand while walking or in a car are some of the most cherished moments I have. Once we walked past an alley and stopped to look a jumbled stack of boxes. They were beautiful with the evening light streaming across them. Andy signed several making them his. Holding hands while singing loud along with "Lets get Physical" by Olivia Newton John, rocking a little bright yellow econo rental Toyota in LA traffic. Stopping at a Calvin Klein poster so he could put his hand on the crouch of the underwear model. His hands holding money, his hands touching rare Navajo blankets or jewelry before purchase, his hands holding a hotdog at Danny’s Dogs on Melrose where none of the kids there knew who he was, his hands holding the beloved Minox camera or Big Shot Polaroid. Holding hands into the door of openings and parties was grand.

The things Andy was noticeably not good at:
Being behind, being early, getting a tan, spelling, skiing, drinking, being alone, keeping a secret, repairing things, letting workers vacation, paying workers well, paying for the meal when some one with more money was present, not worrying about his skin, not being envious, being old, going to hospitals.

After his death I left NY because he is whom I made my art for.

Mark Sink

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MoP Denver 2013

The RedLine art space will serve as the nerve center for the Month of Photography with exhibitions, lectures, workshops.

For student and professional fine art photographers there will be intensive portfolio reviews with galleries and museum directors, curators, photography collectors, teachers, critics, editors. Experts who can influence and advise on current marketing and offer image world knowledge.

MCA Denver curated by Mark Sink

MCA Denver - Lucas Foglia - Pablo Gimenez Zapiola - Mario Zoots - Adriana Ramic - Paolo Cirio

Acorn with Possum Stew, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina on loan from David Winton Bell Gallery , Brown University
Lucas Foglia A Natural Order

Homeschooling Chalkboard, Tennessee on loan from David Winton Bell Gallery , Brown University

Lucas Foglia: A Natural Order
Curated by Mark Sink
Exhibition on view March 8th through April 7th, 2013

Opening night celebration March 15, 2013, 6-10pm

Lucas Foglia: A Natural Order

In 2006, photographer Lucas Foglia began travelling throughout the southeastern United States befriending and photographing communities of people who had chosen to leave mainstream society and live off the grid. His interest in the project stemmed from his own upbringing. Like his subjects, he had grown up on a small farm with parents who had chosen a self-sufficient lifestyle. During his travels, Foglia met a new generation of people who had chosen to live radically independent lifestyles for some very modern reasons––including worries over the current economy, environmental concerns or simply to reduce government interference. A Natural Order showcases the people Foglia met and the communities he visited.


Pablo Gimenez ZapiolaAround the Infinite

Exhibition on view March 8th through April 7th, 2013

Opening night celebration March 15, 2013,  6-10pm

Installed in the MCA's elevator, Zapiola's Transitions in Life is an animation video. Composed from a sequence of long exposure photographs of a single subject and then looped, the animation has the effect of appearing infinite and endless.


Mario Zoots Collages 
Curated by Mark Sink
Exhibition on view March 8th through April 7th, 2013

Opening night celebration March 15, 2013, 6-10pm

The museum's Open Shelf Library will present a series of photo-based collages by Denver-based artists Mario Zoots. Zoots appropriates imagery from a wide range of sources such as  50’s and 60’s cult films and sci-fi novels.

Open Shelf Library

Adriana Ramic 
Craigslist Assisted Readymades

On the outside of the museum:
Paolo Cirio  Google Street Ghosts
To be found on and around MCA and other places in the city.

1485 Delgany Denver, CO 80202

Byers-Evans House Museum - The Denver Salon

Byers-Evans House Museum - The Denver Salon

Susan Evans  gelatin silver print 1/1 1994  
Byers-Evans House Museum
Colorado Historical Society

The Denver Salon
Then and Now
Curated by Paul Harbaugh

Opens First Friday, March 1, 2013 
Runs March through May

It has been twenty years since photographer Mark Sink formed the Denver Salon, a gathering of fine art photographers that he admired who were pursuing higher ideals in the use of photography.  The Denver Salon prided itself with presenting bold experiments, risky and revealing subject matter, as well as ambitious photo installations.  The Byers-Evans House Gallery’s March – April show will highlight The Denver Salon by showcasing the work of 20 of its members.

A selection of Denver Salon Members include: 

Anne Arden McDonald - Bryan Boettiger - Christoper James - Christopher R Perez - 
David Zimmer -  Eric Havelock-Bailie - Michael Ensminger - Joel Dallenbach - John Hallin - Jeff Hersch - Inna Valin - Katie James - Laura Merage - Mark Sink - Kevin O’Connell -
 Reed Weimer -  Paul Schroeder - Shaun Gothwaite - Susan Evans - Tamaki Obuchi - Wesley Kennedy

This show will open with a free public reception on Friday March 1, 2013 from 5 to 9 pm.
Cost: Free. For more information: 303-620-4933.

First Friday special hours 5 –9 pm
Hours are 10am - 4pm Monday through Saturday
1310 Bannock St. Denver, CO 80204


RedLine The Reality of Fiction Curated by Mark Sink

RedLine Presents The Reality of Fiction

The Reality of Fiction
Realities and absurdities of our modern age.
Curated by Mark Sink

Reiner Riedler From the series Fake Holidays :Horizon #1 Tropical Islands Germany 2007
Represented by 
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery NYC

 March 8th - April 28th 2013
Opening celebration March 8th,  6-10pm   

A survey of photographers work who explore the subject of reality and fiction in this new millennium. From serious social documentation to humorous and absurdities our modern culture. This survey of fake will consist of portraits of extreme plastic surgery, hyper realistic fake babies, fake holidays, fake relationships, fake realities, UFO Polaroids and much more.

Emily Peacock - Reiner Riedler  - Phillip Toledano - Sarah Martin - Sally Stockhold  
Rebecca Martinez - Greta Pratt  - James Soe Nyun - Joe Clower - j.frede  - Katie Taft
John Bonath -  Christine Buchsbaum - Conor King - Michael Ensminger -  Edie Winograde   
Pablo Gimenez Zapiola Lori Nix Liz Greene - Harry Walters - Adam Milner T. John Hughes  - Nina Berman - Sarah Haney - Susan Anderson - Justin Beard - Zach Reini

Rebecca Martinez  Held Cryer

Phillip Toledano Sonia  New Kind of Beauty Represented by Paul Kopeikin 

Emily Peacock Silver Print from the series You and Me and Diane


Portfolio Reviews

For student and professional fine art photographers there will be intensive portfolio reviews with galleries and museum directors, curators, photography collectors, teachers, critics, editors. Experts who can influence and advise on current marketing and offer image world knowledge.

March 23rd - 24th, 11am - 5pm 2013

"This is one of the best opportunities a emerging photographer can do for their career. "



Lecture Events at RedLine

Saturday March 9th 2pm -3pm
Artist Rebecca Martinez will walk and talk about her series PreTenders.

Sunday March 24th 6:00pm Action Figures
A participatory performance and discussion on photography
"Musical Chairs" by Katie Taft and Don Frank

Thursday April 25th 7:00pm
Art Photographers of America - APA
Jackie Shumaker will do a presentation on
Copyright and licensing your work.
You will learn why this valuable business information
relates to all photographers.

RedLine Denver
MOP - The Month of Photography
2350 Arapahoe St. Denver, CO 80205

Monday, December 24, 2012

Taryn on Mies van der Rohe

“Less is more” was an assertion by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, pioneer of modernism and Bauhaus design. Photographer Mark Sink might just agree, his latest shoot of model Taryn Andreatta definitely adhering to the philosophy as far as clothing is concerned.

Instead of being about clothes the shoot is a sensual portrait of model and Mies’ designs; Taryn posing across an iconic Barcelona chair, giving the shoot the ambiguous title of Taryn on Mies van der Rohe.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mark and Kristen Sink New Work at Robin Rice NYC

Mark and Kristen Sink

Mark and Kristen Sink
New Work
January 16 – February 24

Wednesday, January 16, 5:30-8:30pm
The Robin Rice Gallery is pleased to present Mark & Kristen Sink’s second photography exhibition. The opening reception will be held Wednesday, January 16th, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.
Taking in Mark and Kristen Sink’s photographs in all their patinated glory, with faces blurred and eyes sharpened, crinkled petals and languid limbs, their subjects appear to be plucked from a Victorian-era fairytale. And in execution, to a degree, they were. In order to achieve their vintage quality, the husband and wife team employed one of the oldest techniques in photographic history—the collodion wet plate process, a laborious method whereby the irregularities of human error render each piece a one-of-a-kind thing of beauty. Inside the gallery, the collected beauty define the couple’s dreamlike style.
Sink was drawn to the collodion method for the same reasons he was drawn to Polaroid portraiture in the 80s and 90s. Both produced an instant, one-of-a-kind quality, yet the wet plate offered more “free and messy” execution. Technically, the collodion process requires photographic material to be coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within approximately fifteen minutes. Despite its inconvenience, he endures the process for the nostalgic quality it gives his photographs, describing it as “the perfect graduation from the dreamy Diana camera …more real and honest, but still romantic.”
James L. Breese, Sink’s great grandfather and notorious portrait photographer of New York high society, has strongly influenced his work on an aesthetic level, primarily for capturing beauty on film. Sink also reveres Julia Margaret Cameron, the pioneering 19th century photographer celebrated for her wet plate images.
In the invitational image, Sonja Day 1, a mysterious woman in a fur coat directly confronts us through a veil of smoked glass. In the gallery, the larger 30" x 40" photographs are mounted on aluminum as varnished prints with no glass, distinguishing them from the smaller 5" x 6" and 8" x 10" tintypes and ambrotypes. Those are floating in mahogany glassless shadow boxes. On the back wall, in the enlarged photo, Jilian Flowers, a topless woman appears to grow out of a rose bush clad in a skirt of overflowing roses.
The stunning nudes, whose sinewy forms are essential to Mark’s art, brush erotic boundaries yet somehow come off romantic. He credits his wife for being the perfect counterpoint to the male gaze, "She helps me take pictures from a female's eye…Sometimes I’ll be working and working to get a shot just right but I’m not satisfied, then Kristen will walk in, take one shot and it’s amazing." To achieve the perfect balance, the husband and wife team swap roles between Art Director and Photographer, but Sink also admits to an air of competition, "Our egos just can't quite let go of saying, "I took that,'" the giveaway being whose name appears first on the photo credit.
Mark Sink, photographer, curator and teacher, has been making a living from fine art photography since 1978. His personal work is in numerous museum collections along with solo and group shows throughout the US, South America, and Europe. Kristen Sink received her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 2008. She has exhibited her photography in Boston, Washington, DC, and Denver.
For more information, please contact Robin Rice at (212) 366-6660 or The gallery’s website

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rule Gallery

Mark Sink            Andy and Calvin Underwear Ad        Vintage C-Print          1983 

RUle Gallery



RULE Gallery exhibits contemporary abstract and conceptual works, including paintings, sculpture, photography, and works on paper. 
RULE has been bringing national art to Denver through representation  of prominent artists from around the country, while supporting the Denver art scene by promoting leading regional artists.