Saturday, June 2, 2007

April catch up

This was from a month or so again ...just getting caught up on my new blog

A quick live blog on you. april showers.

I will try and keep it landscape related. Try i say.
I just returned from a epic road trip. We were making collodian wet plates out the back of a chevy suburban with my old fine art board pal Mark Katzman. What fun they are. Mark got the Jack Daniels account, tv and print with this process.. watch for it. old is new .

I did a little bit of Chuck Forsman rip offs ( Western Rider) .. new top of topography out the car window ..its how i see the landscape now. And gosh as i get older Monument Valley and southern Utah just seem smaller and smaller. ( untouched from the raw data index/archive) ..A few i really like alot. They are old news in your world.

A baby blue healer /boarder collie found me in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona desert heading toward Cortez. So my life has been upside down and chewed up since.
So I woke up this morning to puppy licking me in the face lips ..... awwwww puppy then i slowly realized the taste and smell ..i was just after he had a breakfast of fresh kitty box poo

I just found an exciting cache of great grandpa James L. Breese landscape images that came out of his estate ..the Orchard a few years back. I recently found the person that bought the collection and stored it. and other material is going up on luminous-lint soon. The last snap shot images are very exciting to me. National SPE is in Denver March 08 .. i am doing MOP again ( Month of Photography), Posters fliers and mailers part is gathering all the galleries/ museums/art spaces
together to celebrate photography for the month or more. So if any of you have events and shows ect in Denver then make sure you send your press releases to me. And it’s a heads up galleries will be looking for new work.

World Pinhole Day is April 29th ..the reason i say this cause posting there has led to some amazing things for me.

A few other unrelated matters .. i am going to do this in Denver ..
i have a big 3 story white wall in my front yard. I love thier mission
statement. I love Salons. I can highly recomend them.

I curated a small show last week.

3 big commercial jobs jumped my lap. Now i have over hyper woman on the edge
screaming at me on their cell phones every morning. Be careful what you ask for... its nightmarish.

Do you really know where your kids are?
Kids today. They have no sense of shame. They no sense of privacy. They are show-offs, fame whores, and pornographic little loons who post their diaries, their phone numbers, their stupid poetry-for God's sake, and their dirty photos! -online, They have virtual
friends instead of real ones. They talk in illiterate instant messages. They are interested only in attention-and yet they have zero attention span, flitting like hummingbirds from one virtual stage to another.

This is my assignment for my shameless little fame whores

Earth day assignment for artphoto 102 ..pick one or make up your own.

A big collage of the earth .. made from the recent global warming magazine articals.

Make a statement some how Ö about how removed we are .. like how we see it on TV
new but don't do anything about it .. a statement about our apppathy about the world falling apart like a figure with a tv showing strife and at the same time she or he is on myspace.

Ask people to do one thing for the earth today.
Ask people to pay forward.

Make a dream image of your utopia ..what would make you happy .. make a picture of the world healing .. and people doing the right things.

Make an images out of dust .. dryness ..drying out ..somehow if the gum aribic
something would catch the dust then dry. Water washing away or printout process kinda but using dust that stays and forms the image.

Make handmade books for the heads of all the industrial nations.
or even our president at least .. make it show it then send it to him at the white house

Make something like the image i showed you of the woman with a gas mask on holding a baby. The earth representing the baby.
Make images in water ..underwater with water.
Make images of water and your toes and melting ice cubes.
Dried mud is a good .. the texture ..cracking and peeling.
I like the painter Wattara ..he is a friend from NY .. he uses soils from his homeland to make his pigments and paintings .. all the dirt colors. Mark Katzman and I collected dirt in utah.. to make mud.

You know my hole in the earth image " donut earth" do something like that with a free Nasa earth images. Twist and play with the earth make it all water.. or all dry on fire or toxic or grey smoke filled .

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