Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Thank you Pattern ! - Social isolation doesn't mean lack of inspiration -

Events and Exhibitions Canceled

In response to the COVID-19 spread we are canceling and postponing all scheduled exhibitions and events until further notice. That said, social isolation doesn't mean lack of inspiration. Below are some things to keep us excited about the world that we are taking a break from it.

Step aside Netflix

    Who needs the anxiety of watching Contagion or Black Mirror. Here are some great collections of films to keep you engaged with the photo and documentary worlds.

    FlakPhoto YouTube Chanel

    Andy Adams over at FlakPhoto has put together a great collection of photography videos on Youtube.

    American Suburb X - ASX.TV

    American Suburb X does incredible interviews and book reviews and their video collection, ASX.TV, has some wonderful gems.

    Magnum Learn

    I can think of few more inspiring ways to spend this time inside than watching the Alec Soth: Photographic Storytelling, a recent addition to the Magnum Learn catalogue. It is like a masters class from the comfort of your living room. It is $99 well spent. But if you can't make that work in this belt tightening time, let us know and Pattern can help out.

    International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam

    The IDFA has made a large archive of documentary films free to stream online (thanks to Mike Shum for the info)

    Portfolios are Passé

      Instagram can be a horrible place to see photography and many portfolio sites are equally bad. Here are some wonderful websites from photographers who use the online medium as a way to explore the complexity of their work, not just the prettiness of their pictures.

      Susan Meiselas

      Philip Blenkinsop

      Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

      Laia Abril

      Taryn Simon

      Rob Hornstra

      Pixel Books

        The Pattern Library is closed to the public during this time as well, so here are some online ways to experience some wonderful photobooks.

        Max Pinckers' books

        Josef Chladek's massive collection

        The Sochi Project

        Arab Image Foundation

        Stay safe!

        Benjamin Rasmussen, Pattern Co-Founder
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        Monday, February 3, 2020

        MEXICO CITY !

        Camino Silvestre
        5- 9 February, 2020
        Centro CitiBanamex

        Camino Silvestre
        ZonaMaco Foto


        MARK SINK

        ZonaMaco Art Week



        Maggie Taylor

        Maggie Taylor, Tempus fugit, 2019
        © Maggie Taylor, Tempus fugit, 2019
        © Maggie Taylor, Cloud nine, 2019
        © Maggie Taylor, The harbinger, 2019
        © Maggie Taylor, The alchemists chamber, 2019
        © Maggie Taylor, The storyteller, 2019
        © Maggie Taylor, The Moth house, 2012

        David Zimmer

        © David Zimmer, The Weaver, 2019
        © David Zimmer, I am Lost, 2017
        © David Zimmer, Pink Wave #2, 2019

        Mark Sink

        Mark Sink
        Collodion Plates

        Placas de Colodión Húmedo

        Camino Silvestre

        Horario en las Tiendas en
        San Miguel:

        Camino Silvestre 
        San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
        Correo No. 43
        Zacateros No. 46

        Horario SMA:
        Lunes-Sábado: 10am-7pm
        Domingo: 12-5pm

        tel: 415-152-3918
        tel: 415-121-3359

        Horario en la Ciudad de México:

        Cerramos los lunes
        Closed Mondays


        Domingo • Sunday

        Camino Silvestre Roma
        Ciudad de México 
        Tabasco No. 195, Col. Roma Norte
        (casi esquina con Jalapa)

        tel: 55-5208-3486

        Casa de Té y Restaurante
        Teahouse and Restaurant
        Correo No. 43, Centro
        San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

        Ven a comer con los colibríes en Néctar!
        Come and eat with the hummingbirds at Néctar!

        Desayunos, Almuerzos y Comidas Saludables
        en el hermoso patio de Camino Silvestre

        Healthy Breakfasts, Brunches, and Lunches in the Beautiful Patio of Camino Silvestre

        Lunes-Jueves: 9am a 6pm
        Viernes: 9am a 3:30pm
        Viernes: Salón 5-6:30pm
        Sábado: 9am a 6pm
        Domingo: 10am a 3pm

        Monday-Thursday: 9am-6pm
        Friday: 9am-3:30pm
        Friday Salón 5-6:30 pm
        Saturday: 9am-6pm
        Sundays: 10am-3pm

        Tel: +1 415 152 3918
        Camino Silvestre SMA y CDMX | SMA: Correo No. 43 & Zacateros No. 46CDMX: Tabasco 195, Colonia Roma NorteSan Miguel de Allende, GTO 37700 Mexico