Sunday, September 30, 2007

Diana does Denver, MOP and Dad

Hope all is well .. good summer blink..where did it go ....?

i wanted to touch base with some fun new news i got with the release of the new Diana camera +.
They started making Diana cameras again out of Vienna, (Lomographic Society International) The cameras are well done ..with new and improved pinhole settings..and among other great improvements.
And a cloth bound book along with it. ($50 package deal) I think its very smart of the Lomo heads to do this. There was a big want for the 1960s Diana .. but none to be had ..creating a giant thurst world wide. And i get to ride the wave.
I am a center feature the book they did on the history of the camera. And more great news:

Friday they called and asked me if i would be interested to have a special edition of cameras with my name on the front "MARKSINK" or SINK .. and my pick of colors for the camera body.. !! What an honor in toy camera world.. i am thrilled and tingling. cool.

My status of "King of the Diana" is paying off.. off of the 80s and 90s Also another book is just out called "Toying with Creativity" Michelle Bates, she snuck my self portrait nude in for the bio/profile with out my permission .. i thought that was funny.. and a nice poke from a feminist.

Lomo did a quick web preview version of my part in the book. ( the book looks much better i think)

I am going to be doing a workshop around this probably with .

Since they announced the book and camera release my web site has been melting down with a increase over 60 thousand hits a week from all over the world !
They told me its the biggest sales marks of any camera they have ever done in Lomo history. And they are just into their first month.
Lomo camera related performances and giant mosaics are the bomb.

If you have any direct questions or future project interests please contact the marketing director Michael Kuhle in NYC, he is a really nice person.

The update March 08 we are doing MOP again in Denver along side SPE .. (i will be playing the Diana release big there.)

And ...A bunch of galleries from DADA ask me to curate shows for MOP ...and some judging for a Core show.

And and !!

Laura Merage is starting a new big photo center here in Denver .well more a multi media place ..called Red Line ..she bought a big place at 24th and Arapaho.
She wants me to help get is on its feet ... big breath we go... (maybe keep that off the record till you speak directly with her)

And while i am at it.

Some news with my dad i should give you heads up.
A couple books are coming out with interviews with him. History review of the firm Unimark. I will forward you the info when they come to fuision.
i am excited to show him a new film:

Long interviews with Massimo Vignelli ..its wild, his statements about design yesterday and today sound straight out of my dads mouth.. ( not a surprize... just its the same script haha) My dad worked with him for many years in the 50s...later they did the RTD logo .. and THE RIDE and Ski Country USA .. the firm was
Inimark international,( dad was recommended by IM Pei to them for the Denver office) They had him design several arenas for the Colorado Olympics proposal (bid) .. (that was voted out ..remember that ? ) haha i think i voted no then .. little did i know it could have given our city a light rail and much more.. a much needed infrastructure boast early on .. the crowds were coming anyway. That was his big break when mayor McNicols did the arena anyway.