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Nofound is a blog-project where contemporary photographers are invited to show fragments of their diary.

Beginning in december 2007.
« Someone once told me 'ok, so what you like about photography is : sex, drugs and rock and roll!'. I don't like rock and roll ! With 'nofound', I chose to open a space for contemporary photographers to show fragments of their intimate diaries. Go and find the moment wether it was intentional or not. Who cares ? I don't... The look through the eye of the storm, the one picture that will bring out memories, the universal image allowing us to say 'me too'. The one showing us our one humanity through a presence, a glimpse of happiness, a violence, or an absence. This isn't a photo lesson, I wouldn't dare, just a try to search, universes. That's why, 'nofound'. » Emeric Glayse

« One of the best things about the internet - in fact one of the few saving graces of the internet - is the abundance of great little projects : online galleries and portfolios one stumbles across while playing link tag from one website to the next. Often I find myself spending an afternoon indulging in the digital equivalent of 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon.' I discovered 'nofound' on one such afternoon. The brainchild of Emeric Glayse, a French-born connoisseur of beautiful contemporary photography, 'nofound' excels in the unknown, both in terms of content - dark brooding nudity and blurry intimacy blend seamlessly with ghostly landscapes and private moments - and contributors. Emeric Glayse likes the underdogs, the newcomers, and those fresh on the heels of established photographers ; he's created not only a platform for these whippersnappers, but also a community. Names both familiar and soon-to-be-familiar link, discuss, and exhibit together on a regular basis. Ryan Foerster, Olivia Malone, Brad Tromel, Lina Scheynius (who shot a fashion story for our upcoming issue), Sean Orena, Jonnie Craig and Dana Goldstein will all make regular appearances both in your book collection and your bookmarks folder before too long. Spend a few minutes wandering through 'nofound', and you'll understand why Emeric Glayse chose his contributors and confidants ; spend an hour longer and your fingers will be sore from all the googling, url-ing, and picture saving. » Philip Watts for Dossier Journal

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