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Mark Sink Nearly Killed Andy Warhol

Mark Sink with Andy Warhol.EXPAND
Mark Sink with Andy Warhol.
Christopher Makos, courtesy of Mark Sink

Mark Sink Nearly Killed Andy Warhol on a Snowmobile Trip

Through the early ’80s, photographer Mark Sink worked for Andy Warhol. The two would occasionally vacation together in Sink's home state of Colorado, going on ski trips where Warhol had a knack for spotting famous stars under their stocking caps and scarves.
Once, they traveled to Aspen, hired a couple of snowmobile drivers and zoomed into the mountains around the Maroon Bells.
Andy Warhol and his driver on the fateful snowmobiling trip.
Andy Warhol and his driver on the fateful snowmobiling trip.
Mark Sink
Sink remembers dragging his hands through the snow as he zipped past Warhol, accidentally shooting powder into the goggles of the artist's driver, who lost control and shot off what looked like a cliff.
Sink feared the worst.
“I thought I’d killed the prince of pop art,” he recalls.
Andy Warhol recovers from a snowmobile accident.
Andy Warhol recovers from a snowmobile accident.
Mark Sink
But when he and his fellow snowmobilers got off their machines and walked to the edge, it turned out not to be such a big drop after all: Warhol and his driver were fine, and everybody laughed. 
Sink first met Warhol when the artist was in town exhibiting his work and Sink was a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as a bike racer. He and other cyclists had crashed near the finish line of a race, and Sink found himself with a nasty case of road rash. When he visited with Warhol outside of a Boulder motel, Warhol asked to see the cuts, and Sink dropped trou. Right then, the president of the university appeared, wondering why a student was baring it all for the famed artist.
Andy WarholEXPAND
Andy Warhol
Mark Sink
These are just some of many stories that Sink plans to tell on Thursday, January 24, at Station 16 Gallery, in a PowerPoint presentation chronicling the time he spent working for Warhol starting in 1981 up through the artist's death in 1987. His talk is set for the opening night of an exhibit of screenprints of various Warhol quotes; the show runs through February 24.
Drawing from his longstanding friendship with Warhol, Sink says he doubts the origins of many of the sayings that have been attributed to the artist, including his most notorious: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes." Sink is not alone in disputing the source of that particular quote, which Smithsonian reports has been attributed to others in the art world.
Andy Warhol and Mark Sink.
Andy Warhol and Mark Sink.
Mark Sink
“Andy’s whole career is based on the Factory and having other people do his things for him," explains Sink. "He had people make his work. He sent look-alikes to go speak for him at lectures. His mother signed his work for him.” As for the quotes? Sink says they were probably other people’s, too.
Smooth as Silk: An Exhibition of Famous Andy Warhol Quotes opens at 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, January 24; Art Talk With Mark Sink: From A to D and Back Again – Untold Stories of Andy Warhol starts at 7 p.m.. The show runs throughFebruary 24 at Station 16 Gallery, 3330 Brighton Boulevard.
Sink is now gearing up for the biennial Month of Photography, which starts March 1.  For more information, go to the Month of Photography website.

Exhibition and Art Talk about Andy Warhol with Mark Sink

Mark Sink X Andy Warhol

Smooth As Silk was inspired by the silkscreen printing method and Andy Warhol’s role in legitimizing it as a desirable and collectable fine art form. His work with silkscreen printing heightened public perception of the technique and continues to influence artists today. The folklore of Warhol, his wit, and his contributions to art and film have left a vast cultural imprint. The exhibition was also inspired by Station 16 Gallery Denver’s connection to Mark Sink as well as Sink’s photographs and friendship with Andy Warhol. Our goal is to pay homage to Sink, Warhol, and the art of silkscreen printing.

When? Vernissage is happening on January 24th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 and the exhibition will last until February 24th 2019
Where? Station 16 Denver, 3330 Brighton Boulevard, #204 (Inside the Source Hotel), Denver, Colorado, USA

From A to D and Back Again: Untold Stories of Andy Warhol

The talk will be held on January 24th, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

For the Smooth As Silk opening, Mark Sink, Denver photographer and friend of Andy Warhol, will be doing an art talk, unveiling untold stories of Andy Warhol in hope of paying hommage to the artist and the friend he was. Don't miss it! Original photographs by Mark Sink will also be presented as part of the exhibition.

3330 Brighton Boulevard, Denver, 80216
DenverColorado 80216

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Denver's Month of Photography is right around the corner!

Month of Photography - CPAC Upcoming Exhibits
Denver's Month of Photography is right around the corner! This biennial celebration of fine art photography includes hundreds of collaborative public events throughout Denver and the region through March and April 2019. The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is excited to announce not one but three exhibits for MoP.

We are partnering with the McNichols Civic Center Building, the Clyfford Still Museum, and Metropolitan Frame Company to display artwork by local and national photographers. 

Inspiration | Expression
Opening Reception
Saturday, March 2, 2019

5 - 8 pm

Presented by the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) in collaboration with the Clyfford Still Museum, this exhibition explores how artists use photography in abstract art, from a source of inspiration to a means of expression. This exhibition is on display at our gallery from February 16 - April 20, 2019.  

Two Double Exposure Tours and a Panel Discussion are scheduled during the run of this exhibition. Please check the Clyfford Still Museum's website for dates and to register.

Featured Artists

Philip V. Augustin, Brenda Biondo, Danae Falliers, Carol Golemboski,
& Brea Souders

Elemental Construction
Opening Reception
Saturday, February 2, 2019

6 - 9 pm

Elemental Construction comprises work by 10 photographers who explore the medium of collage. This exhibition is on display at the McNichols Building from January 19 - April 7, 2019.

Featured Artists

Odette England, Theresa Ganz, Susan Goldstein, Susan Hopp, Heather Oelklaus, George P. Perez, Holly Roberts, Joe Rudko, Vanessa Woods, and Mario Zoots

Vestiges: Angela Faris Belt
Opening Reception
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

6 - 8 pm

Angela Faris Belt’s solo exhibition Vestiges, is a visual meditation on humankind's influence on nature, created over several visits to a unique grove of Bristlecone Pine trees near her home in the Colorado mountains. This exhibition is on display at Metropolitan Frame Company from February 23 - March 30, 2019.
Images: Brenda Biondo, Modality No. 6 (cropped), 2017; Odette England, Punched #34, 2018; Angela Faris Belt, Vestiges #37, 2017