Friday, February 22, 2008


The Dikeou Collection Reading Group


6-8pm, The Dikeou Collection will host the inaugural meeting of the Warhol Reading Group.

In effort to provide an organic comprehensive learning platform and interaction with the public, The Dikeou Collection has formed a Reading Group. The Reading Group will follow traditional reading group formats, allowing the members to join together in an informal manner at The Dikeou Collection to talk about books on a monthly basis, however, instead of the members choosing divergent books form many authors/genres/subjects, The Dikeou Collection Reading Group will follow a unified syllabus on a pre-determined topic. The first of our topical Series will be entitled “The Warhol Reading Group”. Each member of the group will have the opportunity to lead discussion, or if they prefer pass and bring refreshments. The Dikeou Collection will from time to time help, steer, or generate structure if needed. Occasionally, Special Guests will join. The group will decide dates, times, how long the meetings will last, and discussion leaders for each meeting of the Warhol Reading Group.

The Warhol Reading Group

(Books/Films will be discussed on a monthly basis unless where indicated)

Syllabus/Reading List

Month One, “Andy Warhol—In His Own Words, Part One”: Andy Warhol’s Philosophy (A to B and Back Again): Andy Warhol with Pat Hackett

Month Two, “ . . . In His Own Words, Part Two”: Popism: Andy Warhol with Pat Hackett

Months Three & Four,“ . . . In His Own Words, Part Three”:The Warhol Diaries: Andy Warhol with Pat Hackett (2 Months)

Month Five, “Andy Warhol & the Market”: I Bought Andy Warhol: Richard Polsky

Month Six, “The Factory, Part One”: Edie: Oral Biography: Jean Stein & George Plimpton, Factory Years: Nat Finklestein

Months Seven & Eight, “The Factory, Part Two”: Holy Terror: Bob Colacello, Swimming Underground: Mary Waronov, Famous for Fifteen Minutes: Ultra Violet (2 Months)

Month Nine, “Me, Myself, and I, Part One: I’ll be Your Mirror: 37 Interviews of the Pop Master: Kenneth Goldsmith

Month Ten, “Me, Myself, and I, Part Two: America, A: By Andy Warhol: both Andy Warhol

Month Eleven, “Warhol the Impresario, The Producer, Part One”: Interview Magazine: Founder Andy Warhol, Velvet Underground: Recordings Producer/Designer Andy Warhol

Month 12, “Warhol the Impresario, The Producer, Part Two”: The Films of Andy Warhol, About Andy Warhol, Inspired by Andy Warhol, or in which Andy Warhol or His Circle is a Subject: “Empire”, director Andy Warhol, “Chelsea Girls”, directors: Paul Morrisey and Andy Warhol, “Warhol”, director Kim Evans, “Downtown 81”, director Edo Bertoglio, “Basquiat”, director Julian Schnabel, “Pie in the Sky”, director Shelly Dunn Fremont,” Painters Painting”, Henry De Antonio and Mitch Tuchmnan

The Dikeou Collection website will have a new Dikeou Collection Reading Group blog so discussion can continue among members after meetings, be accessible for members who cannot attend monthly meetings, and for non members that want to follow and interact with the dynamics of the group discussions on line.

All discussed works/books/films are available at the Dikeou Collection Library for review/viewing during open hours (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11:00-5:00pm), or for reasonable purchase on Further reserved copies for purchase—depending on interest—at the Tattered Cover, and there are at least one of these copies of most reading material available at DPL. Films available for purchase at

Future Reading Groups

Semiotics for Dummies or as Seen Through Select Writings and Films

Conceptual Art of the ‘70s

Writing on the Creative Act

Concept List, and Topics developed by Devon Dikeou, The Dikeou Collection

The Dikeou Collection is located in the Colorado Building, 1615 California St, at 16th St, Suite 515, Denver, CO 80202. For more information please call 303-623-3001 or contact

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