Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As a response to the 'I Am Buried' competition launched by Corbis in August 2007, and the competition rules claimed all rights from the entrants forever and throughout the universe. Pro-Imaging was so outraged at the avaricious terms of this competition that we decided there and then to build a campaign to name and shame those who ran rights grabbing competitions.

That campaign has now been launched and if you want to see the named and shamed competitions you can read the details on our Rights Off List. Read the Bill of Rights to see details of how we test the rules of photography competitions.

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Gordon C Harrison said...

As one of the Pro-Imaging people behind the Bill of Rights campaign many thanks Mark for picking up on it and publicising it. We already have had one camera manufacturer change their rules in response to our campaign. In another the legal services section of a government agency wants to involve us in the drafting process of IP T&C's for future contests.

The campaign is all about education, educating entrants, and educating contest promoters and sponsors. We are expanding the range of competitions being reported through a new fast track process here -

We want contributions from everyone about competitions they encounter, both good and bad. We especially want to know about good ones, the more of these we can list the better - people will tend to go there instead and the people running bad competitions will be starved of submissions.

Competitions can be notified to us at Thanks for your help.