Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photo Spring


"Denver's Month of Photography ended weeks ago, but many of the exhibits are still up and running. So maybe the highly successful March event should have been called the "Season of Photography," or even "Photo Spring." Regardless of what it should have been called, it was an incredible chance for gallery-goers to see an amazing range of photo-based creations by some of the most interesting artists in the world. For this reason, the community owes a debt of gratitude to Mark Sink, who thought it up, and Rachel Hawthorn and Sabin Aell, who helped organize it. And last, but hardly least, credit must go to the gallery directors and curators who elected to be a part of it by mounting photo shows."

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Katharine said...

I agree with Michael. I enjoyed many of the exhibits: photogravures at Open Press, Robischon's show, the show at Sandy Carson. Wish I had had the time to see more. Even the show you juried at Core was fun.