Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mark's stream of thought on Dance and Photography.

How can i explain this rush? .. this purity
this is living instrument of art
dance is the most elementary of the arts
pure and honest to the medium
it is a connection with man and childs deepest past
it confirms a immortality of arts bringing pure wine from an ancient vineyard,  it makes me high
the dancers of BNC make me cry its soooo beautiful.
there is a spirit connection with the past
i am a gushy romantic
there is magic made by impressions of the body movement and music
imprints of gesture of love and passion
beauty supreme beauty chasing beauty
desire ... ahhh desire
our sin and our soul
romanticism love and death
eroticism and death
little deaths
pushing away
making the soul remember
beauty of the body and nature stirred to ecstasy we dance
subtle gesture and movement passed to and into the viewer

"the slender infragible thread of the eternal tradition of beauty" -Shaemas O Sheel- said in the 1901 Book of Dance.

Lovers of dance have shared with me a leaf slowly falling in the wind.. or dancing across the ground.
It can make my day seeing that leaf fall in perfict form and beauty passing through light and time .. it touches deep inside like i have seen magic.

Sitting watching these dancers this same feeling rushes over me.
It is a timeless magic in motion. It touches your soul.
it taps into something that words or pictures just fail .. is it in my DNA ? is it my genes tapping into a spirit of the past?
It makes me weak and i just weep.

Listening to Alex talk to the dancers about dust gently landing on your arm or quoting Proust and studies in visual emotional transfer to one human to the next how that was writen hundreds of years ago and now science is proving it with electronics that monitor the brain.
He spoke how just the littlest gesture of the splay of the tips of your fingers will carry directly into and felt by your viewer.
This spoke directly to me.
This is what i work with ..emotional transference in photography.
I conceptualize the image in my mind, I pose myself i play the part i feel the part and demonstrate this to the model with theatrical projection to demonstrate the mood. I then step behind to black curtain to look at it on glass. An experienced model will understand and feel the story being told and project this knowing her lines of beauty and mixing that with my vision and story.
It is glorious when the two meet. This shares with a corriographer and dance.

I find many parallels to 19th century staged photography and dance.. I make wetplate photographs because they are true to the medium and very pure.They are a direct link to the past. They take no electricity no mechanics other then a simple box with a hundred sixty year old glass lens to focus light on to a plate of silver to where shadows are fixed forever. It is magic , objects made immortal.
But i struggle with stopping motion in dance ..motion cut into pieces arrested it doesn't work.  Its like showing a musician playing music with no sound .. its empty.
So this is a challenge.. and i respectfully bow my head that the medium i work with cannot document this art work and it is rude to try.
But i share feelings of passion that staging a creation a fantasy does share a common goal and it can touch the soul when is it honest and pure. Artists know when they have made this almost divine connection.
Like a dream finding that point a timeless moment of love ...a connection ..just a simple gaze upon beauty.
For me ..A face, Two bodies meeting ..that fluid connection of wrapping together and stopping for a moment of connection... there ..there is a blink of a chance.
A face piercing through the camera lens straight into your soul.

Long exposure showing movement has different story to tell. light is sliding along the body like water. It tell of the movement passing like a spirit passing.
Its not reality but its a document of the motion passed. Here thier is magic in the abstraction of movement. Letting go to chance and allowing movement to paint a picture never seen before.
Time and light as a river together. Its something we are all passing through together, our bodies and life in constant motion. Dance turns this ride into breath taking beauty. The lines created in the long exposures are gestures of this time and form passing by.

Photographers are documenters and collectors.  Painters, sculptor's and choreographers/ dancers work with passion and love and total devotion to the craft to make this creation like a child, then hand it off rarely or never to be seen again in that original form.
This is a gift to us of something pure so beautiful. Its given to you for but a brief fleeting moment .. it touches your heart then is gone.

Mark Sink

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